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Broadcast Messages

Feb 24/17 AB Users The Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF) migration to DOE systems is scheduled to commence at 4:30 pm on March 2nd, 2017 and expected to be completed by March 6, 2017.  During this migration period of March 2nd to 6th, 2017 inclusive, NO files of any kind submitted by Industry through Petrinex will be processed by the DOE.  All incoming files submitted from Industry to Petrinex will be processed by Petrinex and then held in a processing queue until such time as the MRF Migration and backups are completed by the DOE on March 6th, 2017.
Feb 23/17 All Users A new tip titled "Changes to Petrinex Monthly Release Schedule" has been published to the website - Tips & Alerts - Current. To coincide with this tip we have also updated and republished the March and April 2017 Petrinex /Service Desk Hours of Operations Calendars to the website - Calendars.
Feb 23/17 AB Users The March to December 2017 AB Reporting Calendars have been updated and republshed to the website - Calendars. The change is the addition of the MRF/Drilling and Completion Costs sweep reports available before the end of each month.
Feb 16/17 SK Users The Petrinex SK March 2017 Reporting Calendar has been updated and republished on the website under Calendars. The change reflects a move of item M1 from Thursday, Mar 2 to Friday, Mar 3. 
Feb 16/17 AB Users The MRF Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions - Industry Readiness Guide has been published to the website - Initiatives - MRF Functions on Petrinex page.
Feb 16/17 AB Users The Questions and Answers from the Jan 23/17 OFT Town Hall meeting have been published to the website - Initiatives - APMC/Industry Conventional Oil Forecast Tool Project.