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Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy (ECON) Information Page

Saskatchewan industry partners can find information about regulatory, legislative and royalty-related reporting to the Ministry of the Economy on ECON’s website at

ECON Reporting Directives. Industry can find ECON Directives (click on Prerequisites) related to:

  • Petrinex Reporting
  • ECON Crown Royalty and Freehold Production Tax Invoices
  • EVAP Program and Petrinex Reporting


More information on how to obtain access to the Ministry's Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS), can be found at:       


Notice to all Operators in Saskatchewan:

As part of its ongoing monitoring activities under The Oil and Gas Conservation Act and regulations, The Ministry of the Economy (ECON) will continue conducting a review of reported information in Petrinex.  To better aid Industry, ECON has developed a tentative schedule for when ECON will contact the reporting Business Associate (BA) regarding records that are being audited for the 2017 production year.  Please see  letter for further details and schedule.