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Saskatchewan EPAP Reporting on Petrinex Project


  • Industry Readiness Guide - Version 1.2 (updated March 8, 2016)
  • Link to ECON EPAP Website Page
    • Includes links to:
      • EPAP Letter dated September 4, 2015 on Future Changes to Oil and Gas Measurement and Reporting Requirements and Implementation on EPAP in Saskatchewan
      • Directive PNG076: Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
      • Guideline PNG028: Implementing and Operating the Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
      • CAIs & Declaration Themes
      • Noncompliance Events


Training, Tips and Job Aids

The following Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) Training Modules have been updated to reflect that EPAP functionality has been extended to SK operators effective April 7, 2016. These modules are available by clicking on the Training Module link on the Resource Centre website page. The modules have been published to the Audit Curriculum in the training profiles. If you do not have access to the training system, follow the directions for self-registration provided by clicking on the link Access the Petrinex Online Training System. Please note that it may take one business day to get access to the modules after you complete the self-registration.

  • 8.01 Manage EPAP Declaration
  • 8.02 Manage EPAP Workflow
  • 8.03 Query CAI Process
  • 8.04 Query Enhanced Production Audit Program

Change Leader Meetings (information will be posted after the sessions)

Meeting #1 - February 10, 2016 (Calgary, Alberta)

Meeting #1 - February 23, 2016 (Estevan, Saskatchewan)