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MRF Functions on Petrinex

MRF functionality on Petrinex is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Well Hydraulic Fracturing report - implemented October 2016
  2. C* Draw Down Report - available Feb 28, 2017
    C* Calculation Report - available Feb 28, 2017
    These are monthly reports generated by Alberta Energy and available in Ministry Invoices and Statements as part of the DOE Oil Royalty Program Reports.
  3. Drilling and Completion Costs Submission - implementing March 2, 2017
  4. Drilling and Completion Costs Non-Compliance - implementing March 2, 2017



Instructions for Industry Interoperability Testing - posted Feb 14/17
MRF - Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions - Industry Readiness Guide - Updated Apr 4/17
DOE Information Letter 2017-09 - Reporting requirements for drilling completion costs as part of the Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF)
Edit / Validation Rules related to Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions in Petrinex (Posted Mar 9/17)

Link to Alberta Energy Oil Information Bulletin 2017-01 - Discontinuation of Drilling & Completion Non-Compliance Shadow Billing Report - posted Nov 10, 2017

Job Aids and Training

Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions Spreadsheet Upload Specifications - updated Mar 9/17
Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions Spreadsheet Upload Templates - posted Feb 9/17

Note: The following online training modules have been released and posted to user profiles under Monthly Reporting Collection on April 6/17. 

If you need your password reset, you can contact us at  If you do not have access to the training system you can use the Self-Registration form under Resource Centre - Training Login and you will be provided access to the appropriate collection within one business day.

  • 11.01 - Manage Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions
  • 11.02 - Manage Drilling and Completion Cost Reports



DOE Information Sessions
Petrinex Virtual Presentation - posted March 15/17