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Send us your Petrinex "Enhancement" Suggestions

In both the pre- and post-implementation time periods, the Petrinex Team collected a number of suggestions from stakeholders on how to enhance the Petrinex system.  Enhancement refers to additional functionality (new screens, new and/or streamlined processes, etc.) on Petrinex, aside from the base functionality that exists today.

The link below will take clients to a blank "Enhancement" suggestion document.  This can be filled out and submitted to the Service Desk by email or fax.

Steps to email:

  1. Click on Enhancement Form and open file.  (Note: you may have to enable editing)
  2. After filling in the required blanks (Note: double click on the functionality, click checked)
  3. Click on File button in Word, click Save & Send, Send Using Email, Send As Attachment.

Steps to fax:

  1. Copy completed form and fax to (403) 297-3665.    

Enhancement Form