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New Name, New Look - AB/SK

Saskatchewan Energy and Resources Now Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy - SK

Changes to Reports - AB

Requesting the AC2 Report - AB

Linking and Reporting Brine Source Wells - AB

Changes in the Manage User ID Lookup Screen - AB

Registry Enhancements: Facility Infrastructure Report - AB

Registry Ministry Invoices and Statements Area Changes - AB

Changes to the Registry Allocation OAF and WIO Reports - AB

New and Revamped Reports to Accommodate Shadow Billing for DOE Oil (APMC) Penalties - AB

Update: Changes to the DOE Gas Royalty Invoice - New Cascade Field and Condensate Invoice - AB

Registry User ID Lockout Changes - AB

New "Report" Button Added to Query Volumetric Screens - AB

DOE Oil Business Unit (Oil/APMC) Report Enhancements -AB

Changes to SAF/OAF Allocation Groupings for Gathering Systems -AB

Changes to Registry Inbox Notifications AB

Changes to USAs setting up Roles and Facilities for Users -AB

Changes to the Default Date Parameters of the User-requested Registry Ensure Complete Report -AB

NOTE: The Alerts addressing Registry Enhancements have been moved to Bulletin Board - Documents - Historical Material.