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Pipeline Splits/
Oil Valuation

Sept 13/17 Oil Valuation - Changes to Pipeline Split Functionality Affecting OVE003, OVE007, OVE008 Errors This tip is to inform Industry that ECON has implemented a change to Petrinex that will cease the rolling up of cascade merge (CASMER) volumes for the purchaser oil valuation records. In addition, a details button has been added to the purchaser oil valuation records to that purchasers can view which cascaded volumes have been rolled up into the single oil valuation volume.
AB Audit Sept 6/17
AER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions To advise AB EPAP users when there is a revision to a Compliance Assessment Indicator (CAI).
AB Volumetrics

Aug 30/17

VME0035 Warning - Updated Vent Volume Limits This tip informs users that effective September 6, 2017 (August production month) The AER has updated the VME0035 warning message and decreased the vent limit from 30 e3m3 to 15 e3m3 per month.