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Jurisdiction Topic Area Date - Last Published Title Purpose
SK Oil Valuation Jan 9/18 Oil Valuation - Updated Information Circular PR IC-09: Well-head Value of Crude Oil To inform Industry that ECON has updated the information circular PR IC-09. This document provides guidance related to the determination of Sales Price and Trucking Expenses that are to be reported to ECON within Oil Valuation functionality (i.e. OV RTP and OV Purchaser records.)
AB Allocations Nov 30/17 Submitting and Deleting Static SAF and OAF Factors in Petrinex This tip outlines how to enter and delete static Stream Allocation Factors (SAF) and static Owner Allocation Factors (OAF) in Petrinex. You have to enter both the SAF and OAF for each facility that you want to have factors.
AB Pipeline Splits

Nov 29/17

Reporting APMC Volumes at Out-of-Province Facilities

To inform AB operators who deliver crown royalty (APMC) volumes to out-of-Province (BC/SK) facilities of two additional SK facilities to a change to the reporting requirements.

This updated version indicates two additional SK facilities added to the approved facility list.

SK Oil Valuation Nov 6/17 Changes to Online Data Field Names To inform Industry that ECON is changing 5 data field names that display online in Oil Valuation functionality (i.e. OV RTP and OV Purchaser records)
SK Volumetrics Nov 6/17 Addition of New Product Type - FLUE GAS To inform Industry that a new product type (FLUE GAS) has been added to Petrinex.