Petrinex British Columbia Inclusion Project


BC Oil & Gas Commission - Petrinex B.C. Inclusion Project Website page

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BC Government Petrinex B.C. Inclusion Project Website page


Copy of BC Dec 20 News Release announcing BC's adoption of Petrinex

Copy of Jan 3, 2017 letter sent to BC operators of oil and/or gas facilities

Petrinex BC Inclusion Project Industry Readiness Handbook version 1.3 (Posted June 18, 2018)

Job Aids:

Instructions for BC Inclusion Project IIO Testing  (Updated May 15, 2018)

BC Inclusion Project IIO Testing Transmittal Form (Updated May 15, 2018)

BC CSV Spreadsheet Upload Specifications (posted June 18/18)

BC CSV Spreadsheet Upload Templates (posted June 18/18)

Change Leader Meeting Presentations:

Change Leader Meeting #1 - September 26, 2017 (includes BC update presentation)

Change Leader Meeting #2 - January 24, 2018 (includes BC update presentations)

Change Leader Meeting #3 - June 7, 2018 (includes BC update presentation)