MRF Functions on Petrinex

MRF Drilling and Completion Costs Enhancement Project

Significant changes are being introduced by Alberta Energy with respect to reporting of Drilling and Completion Costs under the Modernized Royalty Framework. This page provides links to important information on these changes; related changes being introduced to Petrinex; and associated impacts on Petrinex and Industry.

Links and Documents

Alberta Energy Information Bulletin 2019-02 - outline of changes to MRF Drilling & Completion Costs functionality

Petrinex Information Bulletin 006 - Overview of MRF Drilling & Completion Cost Reporting Enhancements - published Oct 2, 2019

Broadcast Message published on the Petrinex Home Page ( dated November 28, 2019.

Information from the DOE: As part of the MRF DCC Enhancement project, all costs submitted prior to the October 4th 2019 locking of the Drilling and Completion Cost Edit function have been converted into the new format. The new format rolls costs from a well event level to a licence level. The converted cost data is available for review in XLSX files and the Licensee or the BA ID submitting costs may request their data by sending an email to

Broadcast Message published on the Petrinex Home Page ( dated Feb 4, 2020

The Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF) Drilling & Completion Cost (DCC) Enhancement Project is scheduled to be live and ready for users to submit costs on February 6, 2020. Please review Alberta Energy’s Information Bulletin 2020-01, as well as the Petrinex Initiative Page – MRF Functions to learn about the new format and instructions regarding new user access roles.   

Job Aids and Training

Updated online learning modules for Drilling and Completions Cost (DCC) reporting have been published to the Petrinex Online Learning System. These modules include Module 11.01 Manage Drilling & Completion Cost Submissions and 11.02 Manage Drilling and Completion Costs Reports. They can be accessed on the Petrinex learning site in the Industry Curriculum under the Monthly Reporting Collection.

 Petrinex Information Bulletin 007 - USA Instructions for New Drilling and Completion Cost Reporting Tasks in Petrinex (published Feb 4, 2020

Drilling and Completion Cost CSV Upload Specifications - updated Feb 5/20

Drilling and Completion Cost CSV Upload Templates - updated Feb 5/20


MRF Drilling and Completion Cost Enhancement Screen Examples - published Dec 17, 2019




Historical Documents

Alberta Energy Information Letter 2017-09 - Reporting requirements for drilling completion costs as part of the Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF)

Alberta Energy Oil Information Bulletin 2017-01 - Discontinuation of Drilling & Completion Non-Compliance Shadow Billing Report - posted Nov 10, 2017

Alberta Energy Oil Information Bulletin 2018-05 - published January 11, 2019 

Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions Spreadsheet Upload Specifications - updated Mar 9/17

Drilling and Completion Cost Submissions Spreadsheet Upload Templates - posted Feb 9/17

DOE Information Sessions - presentation

Petrinex Virtual Presentation - posted March 15/17