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New​: ​IOGC Information Letter - Filing of 2023 Actual and 20234 Estimated Gas Cost Allowance Applications

​Note: A copy of the updated IOGC Royalty Reporting Guidelines - GCA Section 2023 version are now available from the IOGC.  To request a copy of the IOGC GCA Guidelines, please send a request by email to deductionpourfraisdegaz-gascostallowance@sac-isc.gc.ca   ​

Note: Link to a  exerpt from the IOGC Industry Handbook - IOGC Industry Change Summary Table

Royalty Payors:  Below is a link to the presentation file from the IOGC Royalty Town Hall Session from October 2022 for your review and records.  In addition, the revised 2023 Electronic Submission Templates – Please note these templates and Manual are effective January 2023.

​     IOGC Town Hall Royalty Team Information Session - October 2022

     IOGC Electronic Royalty Data Submission User Guide

     GRS Form (Gas Royalty Statement) CSV Upload and Instructions

     ORS Form (Oil Royalty Statement) CSV Upload and Instructions​​​