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​July 16, 2019​AB Users​A new AB tip titled "Availability of Volumetric Data for Non-Confidential Wells Linked to Experimental Facilities and Battery Subtypes 371/381" has been published to the website under Tips - Current.
​July 9/2019​SK UsersThe SK tip titled Volumetrics/Valuation - PURREC at WP and CT and elimination of "WO" has been updated and republished on the website under Tips - Current..​

​June 12, 2019 - updated

All Users

Four new tips have been published to the website - Tips & Alerts - Tips Current

  • New IOGC First Nation (FN) Interest Discrepancy Report (SK)
  • Addition of Two New Metering Difference Errors (AB)
  • Addition of Three New Metering Difference Errors (SK)
  • Flared/Incinerated Acid Gas to be Reported in Petrinex as FLARE/ACGAS