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​Jan 17/20​All Users​REMINDER: Due to the BC and SK Volumetric and Pipeline Split Deadlines, the AER Volumetric Data/Waste Plant Reporting Deadline, and the DOE Crown Oil Royalty Inventory Deadline, Petrinex will close at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Petrinex will continue operations at 6:00 am on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. See the January 2020 Petrinex/Service Desk Hours of Operation Calendar for more information on Petrinex hours for the balance of the month.
​Jan 17/20​SK Users​A new SK Tip titled "Changes to VME0041, VME0042 and VME0010" has been published to the website under Tips Current.
​Jan 17/20​AB UsersAlberta Energy has advised, for the upcoming release of the January C* Revenue Draw Down report, the report will continue to display all production periods and draw down for a well. Alberta Energy is working to restore it to its original format, showing only current period draw down and prior period adjustments. The report will be adjusted back to its original format for its February release. ​
Jan 8/20​​AB UsersThe AB Tip titled "Addition of Two New Metering Difference Errors" has been updated and republished to the website under Tips - Current. The update indicates that the shadow billing period has now eneded for VME0057 and VME0058.
​Dec 23/19​SK Users​A new SK Tip titled "Changes to Fuel, flare and Vent Definitions in Saskatchewan" has been published on the web site under Tips - Current.
​Dec 20/19​SK Users​Two new SK tips titled " Allow SK Operators to View Facility Level Gas Plant Information for Another Operator's SK Gas Plant" and "Allow Waste Oil Code "WO" to be Used for CTP when Waste Plant is Out-of-Province" have been publshed to the website under Tips - Current
​Dec 20/19​AB Users​An updated AB tip titled " ISC and Energy Requirements for Custom Treaters, Miscelaneous and 'Other' Facilities has been published to the website under Tips Current
​Nov 28/19​AB Users​Information from the DOE: As part of the MRF DCC Enhancement project, all costs submitted prior to the October 4th 2019 locking of the Drilling and Completion Cost Edit function have been converted into the new format. The new format rolls costs from a well event level to a licence level. The converted cost data is available for review in XLSX files and the Licensee or the BA ID submitting costs may request their data by sending an email to