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​March 21, 2019​SK Users​The SK tip titled PURREC at WP and CT and elimination of "WO" has been updated and republished to Tips and Alerts - Current Tips. The tip has been updated to extend the suppression of the penalties.
​March 12, 2019​SK Users​Two new SK tips have been published to the Petrinex website under Tips - Current, titled Oil Valuation - Royalty Tax Payer Report and Royalty Tax Payer - Crown SSB will no longer be used.
​March 7, 2019​All Users​The April 2019 and May 2019 Petrinex Hours of Operations and Business Desk Hours calendars have been published to the website under calendars.
​February 28, 2019​AB Users​Effective with the January 2019 production month the monthly natural gas Volumetric/SAF/OAF reporting deadlines and the due date for the Monthly Corporate Average Price Calculation- Sulphur (VA4) will be moved from the 15th day of the month to the 10th day of the month. If the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the next business day will apply.  Also please be advised that the 2018 Annual Cost and Annual Corporate Average Price Calculation – Sulphur (VA3) filing deadlines have also changed. You may refer to The Gas Royalty Operation Information Bulletin for January 2019 for additional information regarding the changes to the natural gas royalty reporting and annual filing deadlines.
​February 27, 2019​AB/SK/BC UsersA new tip titled "Petrinex Strong Password Standard" has been published to the website under Tips & Alerts - Current.​
​February 22, 2019​SK Users​The tip titled "Volumetrics/Valuation - PURREC at WP and CT and elimination of "WO" " has been updated and republished under Tips - Current.  This update includes known issues and how these will be addressed.
​January 14, 2019AB Users​​Alberta Energy has posted Oil Information Bulletin 2019-01 regarding the removal of Drilling and Completion Cost (DCC) estimates and the effective date of DCC penalties. The bulletin can be found on the Alberta Energy website under the Oil Section, Legislation, Guidelines & Policies, Information Bulletins. There is also a link to this bulletin on the Petrinex Website - Bulletin Board - AB Ministry of Energy Information Page - DOE Oil Information Letters.  For any questions regarding this message, please email MRF inquiries at