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Broadcast Messages

​Feb 1/23
​All Users
​The April 2023 Petrinex Hours of Operations Calendar has been published to the website under Calendars.​
​Jan 30/23
​​AB/SK IOGC Users
​The Indian Oil & Gas Canada (IOGC) information letter titled "Filing of 2022 Actual and 2023 Estimated Gas Cost Allowance Applications" as been moved and published to the website - Bulletin Board - Indian Oil and Gas Canada Information Page
​Jan 25/23
​A new website page has been created and published to the Petrinex Tab - Bulletin Board​ titled Indian Oil and Gas Information Page and will be used to communicate information as required for IOGC processes and updates.
​Jan 23/23
​AB Users
​The AB Tip titled "AER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions" has been updated and republished to the website - Tips and Alerts - Tips Current.​