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Operational Changes to the Petrinex Business Desk – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective Monday December 14th the Petrinex Business Desk will be operating remotely and will no longer be answering calls directly.  Email will be the only method to contact the Petrinex Business Desk. Email your query to petrinexsupport@petrinex.ca with a concise subject line depicting the issue in addition to providing as much detail as possible within the body of the email. Emails will be responded to as quickly as possible.​
​Nov 17/20
​AB Users
Beginning in April 2021 calendar month, Alberta Energy will be modifying the compensation for over-delivery volumes without requiring claim back submissions in Petrinex. This change impacts over-deliveries and failure to amend penalties.  However trucking requests will continue to be submitted via Petrinex for Transportation Allowance and Over-delivery claims. For specific details please see IB 2020-04: Auto-Payback of Crown Over-Deliveries Change found at https://open.alberta.ca/publications/information-bulletin-oil .  Note: all existing rules and Failure to Amend penalties will apply until these changes take effect​.