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Broadcast Messages

Nov 13/19​AB Users​The Dept. of Energy has advised that the release of this month's Statement of Account will be delayed until tomorrow, November 14.
​Nov 13/19​All Users​The tip titled "Petrinex Public Data Access" has been updated and republished to the website under Tips - Current . The update includes new API functionality in addition to the manual "download" process for the Alberta Public Data page..
​Nov 6/19​All Users​The January 2020 Petrinex/Business Desk Hours of Operations Calendar has been published to the Petrinex Website - Calendars.
​Nov 6/19​All Users​The Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia 2020 Reporting Calendars have been published to the Petrinex Website - Calendars.
​Oct 17/19​AB Users​A new tip titled "Updates to Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER" has been published under Tips & Alerts - Tips Current.
​Oct 17/19​SK UsersThe tip titled PURREC at Waste Plant and Custom Treater and Elimination of "WO" was updated September 4 and published under Tips & Alerts - Tips Current.​
Oct 8/19​​AB Users​An additional APMC approved SK facility has been added to the Appendix B of the Alberta Crown Shippers' Balance Spreadsheet Upload Specifications located in the Learning Centre - Job Aids - Spreadsheet Upload Specifications and Templates. We have also updated the Tip titled "Reporting APMC Volumes at Out-of-Province Facilities" with this information which is located Under Tips Current and Tips Over 60 Days - Monthly Reporting: Pipeline Splits.