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​Apr 16/21
​All Users
REMINDER: Due to the BC, SK  and MB Volumetric and Pipeline Split Deadlines, the AER Volumetric Data/Waste Plant Reporting Deadline, the DOE Crown Oil Royalty Inventory Deadline, the DOE Crown Oil Royalty Delivery Deadline and the APMC Invoice Deadline, Petrinex will close at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. Petrinex will continue operations at 6:00 am on Thursday, April 22, 2021. See the April 2021 Petrinex/Business Desk Hours of Operation Calendar for more information on Petrinex hours for the balance of the month.​​
​April 15/21
​​AB Users
​A new job aid titled "Reassignment of Royalty Responsibility (RRR) Reporting in Petrinex has been published to the website - Initiatives - DOE Reassignment of Royalty Responsibility Project
​April 12/21
​SK Users
​The Ministry of Energy and Resources is advising of an IRIS system enhancement going live on April 10, 2021 which will automate land ownership calculations. Upon implementation, the system will be doing  a full review and update of the existing Royalty/Tax Attributes (RTA). To avoid possible Royalty/Tax Payer (RTP) errors, it is highly recommended that you run your ‘Royalty/Tax Payer Missing/Incomplete’ report as the RTA may have changed resulting in a mismatch between the RTA an​d your existing RTP information. For further information related to the IRIS change please visit https://publications.saskatchewan.ca:443/api/v1/products/112528/formats/126557/download​. Any questions or concerns can be directed to ER.Servicedesk@gov.sk.ca
​Apr 7/21
​AB Users
​A new AB tip titled "Alberta Helium Functionality" has been published to the Petrinex Website - Tips and Alerts - Tips Current.​
​Apr 6/21
​AB Users
​On April 5, 2021 the AER updated Petrinex with current BA Licence Eligibility Type information to align the data between AER systems and Petrinex, and as a result you may have received a BA Change by AER notification indicating the most current BA Licence Eligibility Type status. For some BAs, Petrinex did not display the current BA Licence Eligibility Type status, and this update was made to reflect the current BA Licence Eligibility Type as determined by the AER in accordance with Directive 067. If you require more information please refer to Directive 067 or contact us at PA.Help@aer.ca.
​Mar 31/21
​AB Users
​A new page has been created under the Initiatives tab for the Reassignment of Royalty Responsibility (RRR) Project.​ On this new page there are a number of documents available related to the Spreadsheeet CSV Upload Specifications and Tempates and also the Industry Interoperability (IIO) Testing Instructions and Request Template.
​Mar 19/21
​AB Users
​ Alberta Energy reminds all users that actual Drilling and Completion Cost submissions are due by April 30, 2021 for all wells that have an active status in 2020 and were drilled and completed, re-entered and/or re-completed in 2020. Please refer to the monthly DCC Non-compliance Report to notify you of the wells that are required to submit costs . Any questions can be sent to Energy.MRFInquiries@gov.ab.ca​  
​Mar 17/21
​AB EPAP Users
​The AB Tip titled "AER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions" has been updated and republished to the website under Tips - Current​
​Feb 9/21
​APMC Producers
The Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (APMC) is advising that effective with April 2021 production, (May 2021) the APMC will be shipping and marketing all Crown volumes. Please ensure all APMC volumes are shipped and/or reported to the APMC, shipper code 0PMC in the Petrinex Pipeline Split  process and Shippers’ Balance and APMC Reporting (Invoice) processes from that point.  Note: The Shell crown shipper code A6JG should no longer used going forward. For questions or concerns please email APMC-Marketing@gov.ab.ca.  The APMC will also be publishing a message with regard to forecasting of APMC volumes on the Petrotranz website.​
​Feb 4/21
​AB Users
​Updated: The Department of Energy (DOE) has advised that the Petrinex PAD reports created in January 2021 may have incorrect data as the reconciliation process included VOL/SAF/OAF amendments for the 2017 production year, submitted from January 1 to January 19, 2021. Please note that these amendments were rejected by the DOE and will not impact gas royalties as the 2017 production year became statute barred after December 31, 2020. ​Effective February 4, 2021 the 2017 production year data will no longer be available on the Petrinex PAD report.  For more information, please contact the Volumetric & Cost Reporting Team at  VCR@gov.ab.ca .
​Nov 17/20
​AB Users
Beginning in April 2021 calendar month, Alberta Energy will be modifying the compensation for over-delivery volumes without requiring claim back submissions in Petrinex. This change impacts over-deliveries and failure to amend penalties.  However trucking requests will continue to be submitted via Petrinex for Transportation Allowance and Over-delivery claims. For specific details please see IB 2020-04: Auto-Payback of Crown Over-Deliveries Change found at https://open.alberta.ca/publications/information-bulletin-oil .  Note: all existing rules and Failure to Amend penalties will apply until these changes take effect​.