Spreadsheet CSV Upload Specifications and Templates

AB Volumetrics, Allocations, Pipeline Splits, Waste Plant, Mineable Oil Sands, AB Crown Oil Inventory

SK Volumetrics, Allocations, Pipeline Splits, Oil Valuation, Royalty/Tax Payer, Waste Plant 

BC Volumetrics, SAF/OAF, Pipeline Splits, Waste Plant, Oil Valuation - RTP, Oil Valuation - Purchaser, NGL/Sulphur Valuation, Royalty Tax Payer, PCOS Equipment Operator Change, Net Profit Allowable Cost, Allowable Cost

MB Volumetrics, SAF/OAF, Pipeline Splits, Oil Valuation - RTP, Oil Valuation - Purchaser, Oil Valuation - Deliveries to Refineries​

AB Crown Shippers' Balance

AB Reassignment of Royalty Responsibility (RRR)

​​APMC Report Submissions

Business Associate User

 DOE Natural Gas Liquids Pricing

 Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - EPAP Declaration Theme

Gas Cost Allowance - AC1 Setup/Change, FCC Operator Change, AC1 Terminate/Unterminate, AC2, AC2 Delete, AC3, AC3 Delete, AC5, AC5 Delete

IOGC Gas Cost Allowance, Product Pricing, Royalty Tax Payer


Drilling & Completion Cost Submissions

Oil Forecast Submissions