Jurisdiction Topic Area Date – Last Published Title Purpose
Apr 20/22 Updated
AER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions
​To advise AB EPAP users when there is a revision to a Compliance Assessment Indicator (CAI). This tip will be updated as additional CAIs are revised
​AuditApr 20/22   Updated

New EPAP Declaration Reports

​A request was made by the EPAP Stakeholder Committee to create some analytical and statistical reports.

​AB/SK​Audit​Dec 11/18EPAP Workflow - Industry New Functionality to Provide Internal Notes and Internal Attachments​​To notify AB and SK EPAP stakeholders of new functionality available in Petrinex which will allow industry the ability to include internal notes and internal attachments on a workflow.
​AB/SK​Audit​July 17/18EPAP Declaration Report to be Deleted when Regulator Rejects Declaration

​To inform users that effective July 5, 2018, when the Regulator rejects an EPAP Declaration, the Declaration Report attached to the EPAP Declaration will be deleted.

​SK​Audit​Jan 24/18EPAP - Implementation of Late Submission Error & Penalty

​To inform Industry that ER has implemented a change to Petrinex that will trigger a non-compliance error for any operator who misses their Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) submission deadline, effective December Declaration Month (February 2018 Calendar Month)



Apr 4/17

EPAP Declaration Theme Conclusion Edit to Restrict User of Not Applicable and Not Evaluated.

To notify AB and SK EPAP stakeholders of a new edit in Petrinex which will restrict the use of Theme Conclusions when editing an EPAP Declaration.



Jan 5/16

Saskatchewan Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) Change Leader

To remind Saskatchewan facility operators that they are expected to provide Petrinex with the name and contact information for an Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) Change Leader as soon as possible.



Aug 26/15

New EPAP Declaration Facilities Report

To inform AB EPAP users of the new EPAP Declaration Facilities Report that will be available as of September 3, 2015.