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​Business Associate
​Jan 25/21
Changes to BA Supporting Documentation Storage on Petrinex
​​To inform Industry that changes have been made to the BA Supporting Documentation Storage process on Petrinex.
​Business Associate
​Sept 2/20
Updating Business Associate Abbreviated Name
​As of Sept 3/20 the AER will not be making changes to the BA Abbreviated Name for any BA. The change can only be completed by the BA using the "Request BA Change" func;tionality in Petrinex.

Business Associate

Aug 15/08

Updating Existing User Information with CSV Batch Upload

This tip informs USAs of new functionality to allow the User Security Administrator (USA) to use a CSV file for uploading changes to existing user setups.  This tip has been moved out of alerts.

Business Associate

Mar 16/05

Reviewing Business Associate (BA) WIO roles

This tip informs Business Associates (BAs) of the importance of making sure they have the Working Interest Owner (WIO) role assigned and the appropriate start and end dates are set up properly in Petrinex.

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Business Associate

Mar 26/03

How to set up Amalgamation Information in the Registry

Outlines the steps clients must take in order to properly undertake an amalgamation and have this information reflected in Petrinex.

This tip is no longer relevant and the link has been removed.