Ministry Invoices & Statements

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Ministry Invoices & Statements

Dec 16/15

ECON Compensatory Royalties Invoice Update

To advise industry that the Ministry of the Economy's (ECON) compensatory royalty for the 2015-10, 2015-11 and 2015-12 processing months will be invoiced in February 2016 with the regular royalty/tax and compensatory royalty billing run.


Ministry Invoices & Statements

May 27/11

Opening of Text Files in Manage Ministry Invoices and Statements

This tip outlines the steps to be taken when opening a .txt file in the Ministry Invoices and Statements section of Petrinex.


Ministry Invoices & Statements

 Oct 30/08

APMC Crown Royalty Oil Forecast Confirmation Report

The purpose of this tip is to advise users of a new APMC report available on Petrinex to allow producers to see any variance between royalty forecast volumes and actual delivered royalty volumes. It is anticipated that this will assist producers in improving the forecasting accuracy of the Crown's volumes.  These reports will be available on the last business day of the month in Ministry Invoices and Statements.