Petrinex is engaged in a cleanup project to review our older tips for either retirement if not longer required, or updating which is not meant to change the intent of the original tip but to update to the current state.​

Jurisdi​ction Topic Area Date – Last Published Title Purpose
​Nov 15/23
​Production Allocation Discrepancy Repor​t

​To remind facility operators about the purpose and use of t​​h​​e Production Allocation Discrepancy (PAD) Report.

​Sept 1/23  Updated
​Submitting and Deleting Static SAF and OAF Factors in Petrinex

This tip outlines how to create and delete static Stream Allocation Factors (SAF) and/or Owner Allocati​​on Factors (OAF) in P​etrinex.

​Aug 29/23 Updated
​Allocation Reports

This tip outlines the purpose of each of the various allocat​​ion reports available in Petrinex.​




​Aug 29/23 Up​dated
SAF/OAF Ensure Complete Reports

This tip outlines the purpose of the SAF/OAF Ensure Complete Report and explains the various metho​​ds of receiving and/or requesting the SAF/OAF Ensure Complete information.​


​Aug 29/23 Updated
​In-Stream Component (ISC) Reporting Requirements for Produced Gas

This tip outlines the volumetric submission requirements for In-Stream Components (ISCs) and Ene​rgy for AB gas producers & SK or BC facility operators who receive AB produced gas.

​July 14/23 Updated
Statute Barred Rejection Indicators/Messages on Petrinex

​This tip reminds users of the Petrinex notification regarding Statute Barred rejections occurring within the Department of Energy and Minerals (AEM) systems.