Royalty Tax Payer

Petrinex is engaged in a cleanup project to review our older tips for either retirement if not longer required, or updating which is not meant to change the intent of the original tip but to update to the current state.​​

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​​Royalty Tax Payer

​Aug 12/21

Changes to Royalty/Tax Payer Reporting Deadline in BC

​To inform BC users that the royalty/tax payer submission deadline in BC has changed to align with the allocations submission deadline.


​Royaty Tax Payer

​​July 22/21 Updated

Royalty/Tax Payer - Penalty Suspension of RTP101 and RTP104 errors - MOSR3

​To inform Industry that changes made to the Royalty/Tax Payer information in IRIS which may have caused RTP101 and RTP104 errors.
Update: extending the suspension of penalties associated with RTP 101 Petrinex errors for two months.


​Royalty Tax Payer

​Sept 14/20

IOGC Royalty/Tax Payer Known Issue

​On August 5, 2020, changes were made to the Petrinex functionality for the IOGC Royalty/Tax payer (RTP) functionality in Alberta.Industry users are required to enter the RPT information for First Nation of Interest wells in Alberta.


​Royalty Tax Payer

​Mar 12/19

Royalty Tax Payer - Crown SSB will no longer be used

​To inform industry that effective March 7/19, the option to select RTP: Crown SSB (Soldiers Settlement Board) will no longer be available when updating their Royalty/Tax Payer (RTP) data in Petrinex.


Royalty Tax Payer

Mar 20/17

Royalty Tax Payer - Suspension of RTP 100 Errors

To inform Industry that ER will once again be suspending the issuance of penalties related to RTP100 errors until further notice and to ensure that Industry understands the consequences of not submitted required RTP records.