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​Pipeline Splits
​Oct 23/20 
Reporting APMC Volumes at Out-of-Province Facilities​
​This tip is to inform Alberta operators who deliver cronw royalty (APMC) volumes to out-of-province (BC/SK) facilities of a change to the reporting requirements.  This update includes a new applicable SK facility.
​Reports & Queries
​Oct 21/20
New IOGC First Nation (FN) Interest Discrepancy Report​
​​The IOGC First Nation (FN) Interest Discrepancy Report is available to SK operators as of June/19 and to AB operators as of October/20 from the Reports and Queries - Submit Report Request menu. This tip describes the information contained in this new report.

​Oct 7/20
​SK - New Product Type of Hydrogen (HYDGN)
​To inform Industry that on October 7, 2020 a new product type of Hydrogen (HYDGN) was added for Saskatchewan reporting.​

​Volumetrics/Royalty Tax Payer
​Sept 15/20
Reporting Relief Measures Rescinded, Two Month Grace Period in Effect​​
The temporary suspension of penalties associated with Petrinex reporting non-compliance ceased as of September 1, 2020. Industry has been granted a grace period of an additional two-months to become compliant with any outstanding reporting non-compliance that may have accrued during prior periods where invoicing was suspended. Any outstanding reporting non-compliance that exists beyond the two-month grace period will be billed for all penalties incurred back to the original due date of the reporting non-compliance. 

Royalty/Tax Payer​

​​Sept 14/20
IOGC Royalty/Tax Payer Known Issue​
On August 5, 2020, changes were made to the Petrinex functionality for the IOGC Royalty/Tax Payer (RTP) functionality in Alberta.  Effective, August 6, 2020, Industry users were required to enter the Royalty/Tax Payer information for First Nation of Interest Wells in Alberta. This update was to be effective for the July 2020 production month.
​Sept 3/20   Updated
New Petrinex Menu Navigation Enhancements
​On September 3, 2020 an updated Petrinex menu navigation (new “look and feel”) will be available. ​This tip includes a short 4 minute video  outlining the changes and how to use the new menu navigation functionality. ​
Update: clarification to bullet 3a.

​Business Associate
​Sep 2,/20
Updating Business Associate Abbreviated Name​
​As of September 3, 2020, the AER will not be making changes to the BA Abbreviated name for any BA.  The change can only be completed by the BA using the “Request BA Change" functionality in Petrinex, accessed from the Petrinex Menu under “Admin Functions – Business Associate – Request BA Change".​
​Aug 19/20
​Changes to use of MB Facility IDs
​To notify SK operators of changes related to the use of existing Manitoba (MB) facility IDs. ​
​Sept 3/20 Updated
​New Petrinex Menu Navigation Enhancements
​On September 3, 2020 an updated Petrinex menu navigation (new “look and feel”) will be available. ​This tip includes a short 4 minute video  outlining the changes and how to use the new menu navigation functionality. ​

​Oil Valuation
​June 3/20
​Allowing the reporting of zero or negative pricing for Oil Valuation​
To advise of a change to Petrinex allowing royalty tax payers and purchasers to report zero or negative sales gross prices for Petrinex Oil Valuation effective October 2018 production month.
​Reports & Queries
​May 20/20
Changes to Report ParametersTo advise Industry users about the changes to the report selection options for the most commonly requested Petrinex reports.​
​Reports & Queries​May 13/20
Requesting Petrinex Reports and Extracts​To advise Industry users about the current report selection options for the most commonly requested Petrinex reports.

​Reports & Queries

​April 29/20Volumetric Industry Extract Changes​To advise Industry uers about changes that have been made to the Volumetric Industry Extract effective May 5, 2020.
​AB​Volumetrics​Mar 30/20AER: Reporting Challenges Due to COVID-19 Restrictions​To inform Industry Operators facing challenges in submitting their Volumetric and Infrastructure data in Petrinex due to the COVID-19 restrictions to contact AER's Production Accounting Helpdesk at PA.Help@aer.ca for prompt assistance and/or noncompliance penalty relief.
​Pipeline Splits
​Mar 4/20
New Waste Location Description for Oilfrield Pipeline Without Reporting Code
​To notify stakeholders of the new waste location ID description created for pipeline oilfield waste activity.

​Infrastructure​Feb 5/20Changes to the Lahee Classification in Petrinex​To notify Petrinex users that the Lahee Classification field in Petrinex is renamed to the AER Classification, effective Feb 6, 2020.
Jan 28/20 UpdatedPURREC at Waste Plant and Custom Treater and Limitation of "WO"​To inform Industry of changes to use of PURREC at WP and CT and the limitation of use of "WO"
SK​​Volumetrics​Jan 17/20Changes to VME0041, VME0042 and VME0010​To inform industry that adjustments have been made to volumetric errors VME0041, VME0042 and VME0010.
​AB​Volumetrics​Jan 8/20 UpdatedAddition of Two New Metering Difference Errors​To inform Industry that the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has added two new metering difference errors to Petrinex. These new errors will be subject to non-compliance fees.
Update: The shadow billing period has now ended for VME0057 and VME0058.
​SK​Volumetrics​Dec 23/19Changes to Fuel, flare and Vent Definitions in Saskatchewan​To inform SK operators that new definitions of fuel, flare and vent that will come into effect on January 1, 2020.
​SK​Volumetrics​Dec 20/19​Allow SK Operators to View Facility Level Gas Plant Information for Another Operator's SK Gas Plant​To inform SK Operators that functionality has been added to Petrinex to allow users the view facility level gas plant information for another operator's SK gas plants.
​SK​Pipeline Splits/Oil Valuation​Dec 20/19Allow Waste Oil Code "WO" to be Used for CTP when Waste Plant is Out-of-ProvinceTo inform Industry that as of November 2019 production month, waste oil functionality "WO" will be restored and available to SK operators who ship oil to waste plants located outside of SK.​
​AB​Volumetrics​Dec 20/19 UpdatedISC and Energy Requirements for Custom Treaters, Miscellaneous and 'Other' facilities​This tip outlines the Volumetric Submission requirements for In-Stream Components (ISCs) and Energy at certain facilitiy types. The tip was updated to include ISC requiements for cross-border facilities.
​AB/SK/BC​VolumetricsDec 4/19 Updated​Access to Gross Volumetric Data (Security Blanket)This tip describes the Petrinex "Volumetric Security Blanket" to provide an understanding to what data is available to non-operators in Petrinex and under the Public Data Access function.​
​BC​Volumetrics​Nov 19/19Changes to Fuel, Flare and Vent BCOGC Definitions​To notify BC operators that new definitions of fuel, flare and vent will come into effect on January 1, 2020.
​SK/BC​Volumetrincs / Oil Valuation​Nov 19/19Purchaser Contact Information on Oil Valuation Compliance and Balancing Report​To inform Industry that purchaser contact information can be found on the Oil Valuation Compliance and Balancing Report for Oil Valuation Errors OVE003 (in SK), OVE005, OVE007 and OVE008 (in SK and BC).
​Public Data​General​Nov 13/19 UpdatedPetrinex Public Data AccessTo describe the results of a Petrinex initiative for providing additional specific Petrinex Alberta non-confidential data to the public. the data will be available effective May 28, 2018 from the "Public Data" website page.                          Update includes new API functionality in addition to the manual "download" process for the Alberta Public Data page..​
​AB​Volumetrics​Oct 16/19Updates to Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER​To notify stakeholders of the revised edition of manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER (Manual 011).
​AB​Volumetrics​Oct 2/19 UpdatedAER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions​To advise AB EPAP users when there is a revision to a Compliance Assessment Indicator (CAI). This tip will be updated as additional CAI's are revised. This update includes CAI changes effective October 2, 2019.