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Pipeline Splits
​June 1/22
Reporting Kingston Volumes in Pipeline Splits
This tip is to inform MB Oil battery operators who deliver to Kingston Terminals that, effective April 2022 production month, Kingston has changed their process and will no longer be taking a line loss volume. The value of the line loss volume will be incorporated in the price paid.
This tip supercedes the tip dated Nov 12/20.
​Apr 20/22  Updated
New EPAP Declaration Reports
​This update includes the release of a new EPAP Declaration Themes Subtypes Evaluated and Not Evaluated Report available Mar 2/22.

​Apr 20/22  Updated
AER Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) - CAI Revisions
​​To advise AB EPAP users where there is a revision to a Compliance Assessment Indicator (CAI).
This update includes the CAI updates for March 2/22
​Apr 19/22
​New Miscellaneous ID for Crude-by-Rail Reporting

​To advise all users that effective April 7, 2022 a new
Miscellaneous Railcar ID for Mexico (MX RC) is available
for volumetric reporting of crude by rail. This railcar
miscellaneous ID can be used for prior period amendments as well.​
​Apr 19/22
​New Industry Report – “Unlinked Well Activity”
​To inform Industry users of the new “Unlinked Well Activity

​Apr 1/22
Manitoba Average Well Head Pressure Reporting
​​To notify MB injection facility operators of new requirements to report average well head pressure as of March production month (2022-03).
​Public Data
Mar 17/22
Petrinex Public Data Access
​​To advise that the process for accessing Public Data has been updated in Petrinex to provide both AB and SK public data, by way of​​ the Petrinex Public Data Access website page. Users can access this additiional specific public data by clicking on the appropriate jurisdiction.
Updated: Includes the timing of implementation of conventional volumetric downloads to the SK Public Data Access website page
​Feb 1/22
AB Condensate Proration Factors Required at AER Battery Subtypes 362, 364, 367
​To remind stakeholders that proration factors for all products​​ (including condensate) must be reported as part of the monthly volumetric submissions in Petrinex for facility subtypes 362, 364 and 367, effective November 2021 production month (and for prior period amendments).
​Feb 1/22
Operator Changes - Back-date Ability for Streams (SKWI)
​​To inform Industry of changes to the Operator Change functionality in Saskatchewan, effective Feb 3, 2022.
​IOGC Reporting
​Jan 4/22
​New SK IOGC Functionality - IOGC Ministry Reporting
​​To inform SK IOGC industry users that an enhancement has been made to the Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) functionality in Petrinex with regard to IOGC Ministry Reports.

​Dec 16/​21
Alberta Nitrogen Vent Reporting Functionality​
​To remind stakeholders that petrinex functionality was enhanced in April 2021 to allow the product of nitrogen to be reported in a separate vented product.
​Sept 20/21
​​Alberta Helium Functionality​
​​To notify stakeholders of the addition of helium reporting functionality availabe in Petrinex for Alberta, along with revised editions of Directive 007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements and Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric data to the AER
Updated: AER would like to remind users that the noncompliance shadow billing period has now ended for VME055​