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Jurisdiction Topic Area Date - Last Published Title Purpose
​Oil Forecast Tool
​Sept 20/22
OFT Enhancement - Remove a well from Royalty Program
To inform Industry of an enhancement to the Oil Forecast Tool functions in Petrinex effective September 8, 2022. This enhancement will allow users to set an override flag on a well that is on a royalty program.   

​Sept 8/22
Assets Designated to the Orphan Well Association (OWA) Flag
To advise all users that effective September 8, 2022, a new Orphan Well Association (OWA) indicator was added to Petrinex and the Alberta Public Data Portal to indicate assets (licences, wells, or facilities) that have been designated as orphan by the AER.
​Aug 23/22 Updated
​Prior Period Volumetric Non-Compliance Update
The purpose of this tip is to advise Petrinex users of a change that was made effective August 3, 2022 to the Volumetric Non-Compliance reports in Petrinex.
Pipeline Splits
​June 1/22
Reporting Kingston Volumes in Pipeline Splits
This tip is to inform MB Oil battery operators who deliver to Kingston Terminals that, effective April 2022 production month, Kingston has changed their process and will no longer be taking a line loss volume. The value of the line loss volume will be incorporated in the price paid.
This tip supercedes the tip dated Nov 12/20.