Serving government, regulator and industry stakeholders across multiple jurisdictions, Petrinex facilitates efficient, standardized, safe, and accurate management and exchange of "data of record" information essential for:

  1. the administration of Alberta's, British Columbia's, Saskatchewan's, Manitoba's, and Indian Oil and Gas Canada's royalty frameworks and regulatory enforcement, and
  2. the commercial operation of the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum sector.

Stakeholder-driven business rules and control mechanisms ensure the information reported in Petrinex each month is accurate, verified and balanced across the four western provinces. Additionally, Petrinex is a venue for providing public access to its non-confidential data for Alberta and Saskatchewan (with a long-term opportunity to extend this functionality to BC and Manitoba).

​By levering its multi-jurisdictional and multi-stakeholder governance model, Petrinex is a forum for governments, regulators and industry to collaboratively implement and administer established policy and regulatory direction as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while at the same time allowing for standardization and harmonization where feasible.