Petrinex Values and Approach

Petrinex does not make policy, regulate or compete. Petrinex is solely focused on collaborating with all stakeholders to identify and implement effective solutions to meet administrative business requirements of its stakeholders. For this reason stakeholders are not just "consulted" as input to decision-making, they "collaborate" to identify the best business solutions to meet their needs.

Effective Information Management
Petrinex is focused on removing information "stovepipes" in recognition that definitive, validated, shared data is synergistic (the same information can be used for numerous purposes) and of value to multiple stakeholders and disciplines. With its broad base of support Petrinex is able to incorporate appropriate "evergreen" technology and contribute as a sustainable industry centre of petroleum information excellence.

Extension, Leverage and Harmonization of Best Practices
Petrinex facilitates the extension of best practices across jurisdictions, promotes harmonization and standardization and levers off strong existing jurisdictional knowledge and experience.

Cost Reduction and Sharing
Overall cost reduction is achieved by avoiding development of multiple systems to meet the same needs of different jurisdictions and stakeholders. Sharing of development and maintenance costs reduces budget demands in individual jurisdictions.

User Capacity and Empowerment
Petrinex allows users to focus on generating results versus chasing data. Petrinex provides tools to ensure reporting users can "do it once, do it right", thereby reducing costly errors and rework. Petrinex continuously solicits user input on how to improve.

Experienced Team and Strong Track Record
Petrinex has an experienced technical, business and management team with a strong track record. The original Petrinex project and every project undertaken since inception in 2002 have been delivered on-time and under-budget.

Strong Foundation for Future Opportunities
With its extensive user base, established security, architectural and physical infrastructure and track record of success, Petrinex is well positioned to expand and extend to meet additional information needs of the sector.


Cost reduction, cost sharing, standardization, harmonization, increased efficiency, enhanced data access and support for effective data-driven decision-making all contribute to strengthening environmental stewardship, public confidence and increased Canadian competitiveness in the global market.