Who can access Petrinex?

Petrinex is only accessible by Business Associates (BAs) that are named parties to transactions referenced in Petrinex (e.g. operator, non-operating working interest owner, pipeline, shipper, marketers, and other entities reporting to the Ministries or Regulators in AB, SK, BC, MB or IOGC (in AB & SK). To Apply for Access, please click HERE.

All public information in the Petrinex database can be obtained from existing sources, either on the Alberta Ministry of Energy and Minerals (DoE​), the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER),  the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources (SER), the British Columbia Ministry of Finance (BCFIN) and the British Columbia Energy Regulator (BCER), and the Manitoba Ministry of Economic Development, Investment & Trade (MBEDIT)​ websites or via the AER's Data Dissemination System (DDS). There are also public information reports available on the Public Data Access website page by jurisdiction, click HERE..

Communication Protocol
Other jurisdictions and organizations have expressed an interest in Petrinex.  To assist interested parties in pursuing their assessment of Petrinex, a standard communication protocol has been established.  If you are interested in a copy of this communication protocol, please contact the Business Desk via the "Contact Information" link.